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The importance of knowledge management

Studies show that an average office worker spends 7 - 20% of their time replicating existing solutions. These solutions require knowledge that is wasted in hard drives, binders, or other employees' heads. To ensure that organizational knowledge gets curated, shared, and utilized across your company, an internal knowledge management system is necessary.

Knowledge management software exists to address that need. Its aim is to centralize the company knowledge, storing and structuring it in such a way that relevant knowledge easily makes its way to the employees that need it. An effective knowledge management system effortlessly captures new valuable information and maintains it, improving various processes across the company, including IT, employee training, customer support, and more.

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Easier onboarding and knowledge retention

Remember your first days on the job—how long did it take you to feel productive and establish communication with your colleagues? Knowledge management software gives your new employees a sense of independence by allowing them to easily and instantly find the information they need. A knowledge management system can not only facilitate knowledge sharing during the onboarding process, but also ensure no valuable information gets lost when a colleague goes on vacation or leaves the company.

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Breaking through silos

As your company grows, teams and departments tend to isolate themselves, restricting the flow of information. The goal of knowledge management software is to break down these silos and facilitate communication and collaboration across the entire organization. Empower your team to quickly solve problems and find what they need without having to waste time exchanging repetitive emails with requests for information.

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All answers in one place

FAQs, troubleshooting guides, onboarding manuals, information on company policies and procedures, and so on—over the course of its existence your company has accumulated vast amounts of valuable knowledge. Ensure it gets easily and effortlessly captured, centralized, and shared. With Nuclino, internal knowledge management processes are streamlined into one easily accessible knowledge base, making relevant information instantly available at the fingertips of those who need it.

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