Employee Handbook

Put together a genuinely helpful handbook for your team.


Employee Handbook


Welcome to our employee handbook! Here, you can learn everything about what it's like to work at our company. If you have any questions, contact @Name.

Welcome message from the CEO

Including a friendly and personal video message from your CEO is a great way to make employees feel welcome and appreciated. Simply paste a link to the video to embed it.

📫 What's new

Highlight the latest updates to your handbook to make sure your team doesn't miss them.

Getting started

Consolidate all must-read articles in a single section to help new employees learn the basics.

Company info


Communicate your policies, workflows, and benefits – everything there is to know about working at your company.

👤 People

💼 Work

🏖 Life

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About this template


Traditional employee handbooks – those long and dreary documents written entirely in dry legalese – are obsolete. That doesn't mean that we should do away with handbooks altogether. Instead, the handbooks need to be written in a way that makes them genuinely useful.

Use this simple employee handbook template and adapt it to your team's needs.

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