Nuclino Canvas

Create whiteboards and diagrams alongside your knowledge, docs, and projects – all in one place.

Nuclino Canvas

Visual collaboration, built into Nuclino

Add an infinite collaborative canvas anywhere, no separate tools needed.


Our ‘company brain’ is all in one place and it’s saving us hours when it comes to ‘finding that one thing’ that you didn't need until now, be it a process, design sketch, or meeting notes.

Image of Matt Bond

Matt Bond

Lead Game Designer at Psyon Games

Visualize any idea or workflow

Tackle all your whiteboarding and diagramming needs directly in Nuclino.

Visual brainstorming

Make your meetings and brainstorming sessions more visual, engaging, and creative.

Diagrams and flowcharts

Quickly and easily map out any process or system using a modern, user-friendly editor.

Creative moodboards

Arrange images and descriptions on a canvas to capture your creative vision.

Why Canvas?

A more seamless way to collaborate visually.


Replace multiple tools with a single solution for all your docs, projects, whiteboards, and diagrams.


Add whiteboards and diagrams in seconds, with no complex menus or settings to get in the way.


Create, share, and collaborate quickly and efficiently – no loading screens or context switching.

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