Nuclino Sidekick

Stay focused on what matters and let your new AI‑powered teammate handle all the busy work.

Nuclino Sidekick

Your team's productivity, supercharged by AI

What used to take hours, takes seconds with Sidekick.

Your go-to brainstorming partner

Tap into Sidekick's limitless creativity to help you think outside the box and generate great ideas with ease.

Unique visuals on demand

Sidekick can create all kinds of images – 2D and 3D, abstract and photorealistic, detailed and simple.

From idea to first draft, instantly

Don't let writer's block hold you back – turn a few keywords into quality content with Sidekick's help.

Tedious task? Delegate to Sidekick

Sidekick can take messy notes and craft concise summaries, extract action items, fix errors, and more.

Unlock limitless possibilities

Draft emails

Write clear, concise, and impactful messages in seconds.

Summarize meeting notes

Effortlessly distill the key points of your meetings.


Eliminate needlessly convoluted sentences and technical jargon.

Generate concept art

Instantly visualize any idea or concept in your preferred style.

Compose blog posts

Take the stress out of blogging and easily write compelling articles.

Craft marketing copy

Stand out from the competition with expertly-written taglines.


Break down language barriers and let Sidekick translate for you.

Fix spelling & grammar

Say goodbye to typos and ensure that your writing is error-free.

...and much more

Join forces with Sidekick and explore what you can do together.

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