Unleash Your Team's Collective Brain

Nuclino is the fastest way to capture, share, and organize knowledge.

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Create more than words

Bring your content to life with file attachments, task lists, embeds, code blocks, and more. Save time on formatting and enjoy a consistent look across pages.

Collaborate in real-time

Create a page and it's instantly shared with your team. When someone is editing your page, you can see changes as they type.

Link and organize pages

Type @ in a page to link to another page. It works like a website and helps you discover relevant information quickly. If you need more structure, create collections to organize pages by topic or project.

Find anything fast

Type into the search bar and instantly see relevant content. Switch between search results without losing context.

Explore knowledge visually

Explore your team's knowledge in an automatically generated graph. The best way to get an overview of your team's most important topics.

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"With Nuclino, my team finally found an easy way to share knowledge across all our projects. Love it!"- Jonas S., Project Manager