Breaking down workplace silos

How Invoice Simple built their knowledge sharing network with Nuclino.

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About Invoice Simple

Invoice Simple is one of the fastest growing startups in Vancouver, Canada. The team's mission is to make it effortless for small businesses to manage their finances and stay organized. Their simple and professional invoicing solution is used by hundreds of thousands of small business owners to create, send, and track invoices and estimates.

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Knowledge sharing across borders

To remain competitive and successful, having cross-functional knowledge sharing as part of your core business strategy is a must. It has been shown to increase innovation, learning, efficiency, giving companies an important competitive advantage.

Being a knowledge-driven company, Invoice Simple was looking for a tool that would allow them to document and share their knowledge base across teams. “The documents needed to be organized in a way that was later easy to find, something that is hard on Google Drive,” said Soroush Khodaii, the head of growth engineering at Invoice Simple.

The team also wanted to be able to easily share good-looking documents with people outside their organization, for example, application steps for new hires, processes for freelancers and external partners, and so on.

The easy and clutter-free editor of Nuclino made it enticing to start writing documents.
Image of Soroush Khodaii

Soroush Khodaii

Head of growth engineering

Getting the team on board

“Linking between documents and referencing people was also very easy, so people added in everything without overthinking and hesitating,” explained Soroush.

Not wanting to struggle with PDFs, the team also appreciated that clean and professional-looking documents in Nuclino are easy to share and are updatable after being shared. “This made Nuclino docs ideal for sharing outside the organization,” added Soroush. “Access control was also useful in helping us easily manage what contractors and freelancers saw.”

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