“Can you create a Nuclino on this?”

How Paddle transitioned to a fully-documented company with Nuclino.

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Paddle provides software companies with an end-to-end platform for selling their software, from billing to analytics. Serving everyone from indie developers and startups to leading tech companies in 150 different countries, it aims to transform the way that software is sold. It is the UK’s fastest-growing software company and the country’s sixth fastest-growing tech firm.

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Keeping a growing team on the same page

As its business expanded, Paddle needed a solution that would help its team document their knowledge and improve collaboration inside and across departments.

“We're growing fast – jumping from a team of 30 to now 130 in the space of 9 months, and increasingly empowering flexible working from multiple locations,” said Paddle's VP of Marketing Octave Auger. This could have turned into a nightmare without the proper onboarding, training, and collaborative tools in place.

“Documenting our knowledge was very important: taking things away from a couple of brains and putting it on paper was key to getting new joiners up to speed and making an impact,” continued Octave. “We even made this documentation one of our company OKRs.”

Improving collaboration was the other goal. “Documenting and sharing progress on key projects, detailing what was in a product release, a marketing campaign, a sales call... The kind of day-to-day docs that are critical to keep people in the loop and avoid useless meetings,” added Octave.

Nuclino has become the de facto tool here, and people routinely use it as a synonym for a clear document –
“Can you create a Nuclino on this?”
Image of Octave Auger

Octave Auger

VP Marketing

A simple and flexible solution

Nuclino made it simple for everyone at Paddle to own the transition to a fully-documented company. “Anyone could contribute on their own or collaboratively, which removed a lot of friction,” explained Octave. “The ease of use of the platform, which doesn't require much training, was a big help.”

The team found the versatility and flexibility of the tool quite useful as well. “We started with simple documentation but have since moved onto more creative uses and will keep thinking about new ways to use Nuclino, whenever we need to share information between people,” said Octave.

“We've also appreciated the help provided by the Nuclino team when we migrated, taking in our feedback and questions and overall working with us to make sure we could use it as we wanted.”

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