When simplicity beats bells and whistles

How the Operations team at Turn2Partners brought their knowledge and projects together in one intuitive tool.

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Turn2Partners is a full service staffing firm with a mission to connect talented candidates to the right organizations. It's one of the largest executive and professional recruiters in the Washington, D.C. area, with a network that covers finance, accounting, HR, administrative, and technology industries.

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Cutting through the clutter

The Operations team at Turn2Partners discovered Nuclino while looking for a user-friendly knowledge sharing platform. Many of the tools they had evaluated during their exhaustive search turned out to be too complex, cluttered, or unintuitive for their needs.

“I needed a clean, open, and inviting place to store all of my team's information. I auditioned an endless stream of apps that boasted a lot of bells and whistles, but left too much clutter in the way of me and my knowledge base,” said Chris Fabiszak, VP Operations at Turn2Partners. “I was missing a true digital notebook that would work for all the different types of employees on the Ops team.”

Nuclino's bright, clean interface is an open invitation for my team members to dive right in.
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Chris Fabiszak

VP Operations

A simple and inviting solution

The simplicity and intuitive design of Nuclino made it easy for the entire team to adopt the new tool. “Nuclino's bright, clean interface is an open invitation for my team members to dive right in,” explained Chris. “There was virtually no learning curve so it integrated with our existing processes right away.”

Eventually, the team expanded its use of Nuclino to manage their tasks and projects, collaborate on documentation, build their team wiki, and more. “Now all of our new projects and collaborative lists go in its corresponding workspace. It's also the perfect layout for our wiki,” said Chris.

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