Sharing knowledge: Lessons from a serial CTO

How the CTO of 15+ companies helps his clients manage knowledge.

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Neerventure helps organizations on their journey to create globally scalable cloud solutions. Founded in 2016 by Marc van Neerven and Joke Kievit, Neerventure offers consulting services that cover a wide range of business needs, including CTO-as-a-Service, change management, digital transformation, Agile coaching, recruitment support, and more.

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In search of a "Single Pane of Glass"

Serving as an interim CTO at 15+ companies, the Neerventure founder Marc van Neerven understands first-hand the importance of keeping team knowledge organized and easily accessible. Yet many businesses neglect to have a structured approach to it.

“I've been working with so many startups that admitted their internal knowledge sharing was an absolute nightmare,” said Marc. “I have found that they tend to start off with an Office subscription of some kind (Google, Microsoft) because they will obviously need email, then automatically start using the accompanying storage option and don't even think about it.”

Marc knew from experience that using a proper knowledge management system makes a tremendous difference and evaluated different tools for his own business. “I needed a professional knowledge base for my consultancy, so I could keep track of everything needed for projects I run with my clients.”

“I also needed a system I could recommend to my clients. I wanted to help them implement the "Single Pane of Glass" principle through a wiki and replace the multi-source chaos that I always find,” added Marc.

Nuclino is super simple and intuitive, has a very low barrier to entry, and is super fast and reliable.
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A simple, fast, and intuitive solution

After testing different tools and platforms, Marc settled on Nuclino. “Nuclino offers a direct and focused view on content, with productivity in mind,” said Marc. “Content is live as-you-type, internal cross-linking a breeze, and adding images, videos, diagrams is done via copy/paste or drag-and-drop.”

After adopting Nuclino himself, Marc introduced it to many of his clients.

“If you don't know that you have a problem, you're not ready to find a solution. I use Nuclino for my own reasons, but I've made quite a few companies aware of the issues they had without knowing it, making them follow my lead.”

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