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How Vistaprint saw an explosion in collaborative documentation with Nuclino.

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Vistaprint Corporate Solutions, a Cimpress company, is a global e-commerce leader in providing custom print and promotional products. Always looking for ways to refine, simplify, and improve its technologies, the company recently launched its innovative ProShop platform, empowering companies with their own custom branded storefront where users can create, customize, and order any print piece or promotional item.

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Staying productive across time zones

The team behind Vistaprint's next-generation custom print portal ProShop grew quickly, and so did their desire to share knowledge. Seth Moore and Samuel Haddad, the Lead Software Engineers at Vistaprint Corporate Solutions, set out on a mission to find a solution.

“We started out as a single squad of 3 co-located developers, and within a short time span, we grew to over 7 squads across 3 time zones,” said Seth. “But, with that many people working on the same product at once, productivity can come to a standstill without good documentation.”

Nuclino provides a frictionless experience, and since adopting it, we’ve seen an explosion in collaborative documentation.
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Samuel Haddad

Lead Software Engineer

Fewer meetings and faster development

After adopting Nuclino as a knowledge sharing tool, collaborative documentation became an integral part of the team's workflow.

“This has resulted in fewer meetings, less code re-work, and faster development,” explained Samuel. “Not only are people writing documents with it, but they’re also sharing diagrams, code, and videos.”

“It’s become a great resource for us as a centralized information repository,” he added.

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