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How Apex Hosting is growing their remote team with Nuclino.

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Apex Hosting is one of the oldest and largest game hosting companies. Founded in 2013, the company has hosted over 200,000 Minecraft servers all over the world. Apex Hosting uses the latest hardware from leading datacenters with integrated DDoS protection, providing their customers with secure, reliable, and lag-free servers.

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Scaling a fully-remote company

Apex Hosting has been a fully-distributed company since it was founded in 2013. Today, it has a worldwide 35-person team of support staff, developers, and marketers who all work remotely. Seth Mattox, the owner of Apex Hosting, knew that keeping a fast-growing remote team aligned would be impossible without comprehensive and easily accessible documentation.

“Our team is located across numerous countries and time zones, so having easy access to documentation and staff information is crucial for us,” said Seth. “We needed a way to document our processes to help improve our workflow and scale our business. We also needed a way to quickly bring new staff up to speed with the way we work.”

Our 35-person team would not be able to operate at such a high level without the use of an easy-to-use, app-based, documentation software like Nuclino.
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One solution for all your documentation needs

Nuclino turned out to be a huge asset in this area and has now become a core part of the team's daily workflow. Since first adopting Nuclino in 2019, they have collectively created over a thousand documents.

“The key to scalability is documentation,” explained Seth. “White papers, staff handbooks, wikis, whatever you want to call it, Nuclino can do it.”

Nuclino allows Apex Hosting to train new staff effectively, update internal processes, and ensure tasks are completed correctly and on time. “It has improved the quality, speed, and effectiveness of our work,” concluded Seth.

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