Racing on the right track with Nuclino

How Formula Student Team Delft builds electric racing cars and effectively manages knowledge to steer itself towards victory.

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About Formula Student Team Delft

FS Team Delft is a team of students from TU Delft that leverages their diverse skills to design, build, and race an electric formula-style racing car for Formula Student Competitions. The team is comprised of young engineers from various cultural and academic backgrounds and comes together every year to build a cutting-edge piece of automotive engineering.

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Empowering top engineering talent

Building a race car is no small feat. As an interdisciplinary engineering project, it requires a significant amount of dedication from all team members who need to bring together their diverse expertise. The outcome of the competition depends on how efficiently the team collaborates.

A clear and structured knowledge management process during the design and construction of a FSAE vehicle is essential to producing a reliable car at the end of each year. The team first adopted Nuclino as their project documentation and collaboration tool in 2017, before recommending it to their successors next year.

“We wanted to have a platform that gave us the opportunity to make notes and to share information between different departments,” explained Daan Schopmeijer, the manager of the FS Team Delft in 2018 (DUT18). The team leveraged Nuclino to manage their designs and documentation, and to enable seamless collaboration among their 84 engineers.

Nuclino provides a very nice environment to accommodate our needs. It's intuitive, fast, and reliable.
Image of Daan Schopmeijer

Daan Schopmeijer

Team manager, DUT18

Passing the torch

As team members graduate, they take with them a wealth of knowledge and experience. Nuclino aims to facilitate knowledge retention so that future teams can continuously build upon the experience of their predecessors and take their designs further each year.

DUT18 has shown great results this season, securing several podium positions and being awarded for their innovative designs. As Formula Student 2018 comes to an end, it is up to the next team to make the most of their achievements and use their accumulated knowledge to take FS Team Delft even further. Nuclino will be there to support them.

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