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How Univrses augmented its internal documentation with Nuclino.

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Univrses is a 3D computer vision and machine learning company, delivering groundbreaking solutions globally to clients with computer vision and AI needs. The teams of 50 % PhDs are delivering deep tech in autonomous vehicles and robots in automotive and other industries. Univrses provides technologies and services with novel algorithms and high-performing production-ready systems.

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The quest for an easy documentation repository

The Univrses team realized early on that email and Slack are transient services and needed something permanent for their documentation.

“Having tried Google Sites, regular Google Docs, and a few other solutions, we wanted something simple and fast and easy to navigate,” said the founder and CEO of Univrses, Ricky Helgesson.

We looked at a lot of different services and when we eventually tried Nuclino, we felt that the search was over.
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Ricky Helgesson

Founder & CEO

More than a knowledge base

“The fact that you're always in edit-mode in Nuclino makes it really fast to use and welcomes everyone to contribute to the internal documentation,” said Ricky. “The fact that every change is stored and that you can easily go back and forth in document history in real time also makes it very comfortable to use.”

Since Nuclino also offers a Kanban board view of the documents, the Univrses team decided to start using it for recruitment and other processes in the company as well, instead of adding more tools to their workflow.

“We have also been very pleased with the support of Nuclino, having fixed a few proposals we've had the past year. All-in-all, we're very happy and will continue using Nuclino for our internal documentation needs.”

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