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Bring all your team's documentation, requirements,
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Everything in one place

Organize knowledge, manage projects, share ideas, and more.

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Unified space

Replace multiple collaboration tools with just one to prevent silos and reduce context switching.

Super simple

Designed to be simple and intuitive in every way – without complexity or clutter to distract you.

Blazingly fast

Built for speed from the ground up – quick setup, instant search, hotkeys, and more.


Feature highlights

Real-time WYSIWYG editor

Collaborate on your docs in real time, no more edit-save-conflict cycles.

Real-time WYSIWYG editor

Markdown commands

Format content at the speed of thought without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Internal links and mentions

Easily create links between items and @mention team members to grab their attention.

Internal links
Quick open

Quick access

Instantly navigate to the items you need using the Ctrl/Cmd + P keyboard shortcut.

Desktop & Mobile Apps

Use Nuclino in your browser or download the desktop and
mobile apps for the best experience.

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