HR Policy

Communicate your company policies in a clear and transparent way.


HR Policy

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Welcome to the team! We are excited that you have decided to join us. The purpose of this HR manual is to introduce you to our company, and communicate the terms and conditions of your employment, as well as our expectations around your behavior.

You will find the list of our policies and procedures below. If you have any questions, please contact @Name!

Your employment

Outline the general rules and practices of your business with regard to employment.

Business environment

List the rules and policies pertaining to the work environment.

Code of conduct

Communicate your expectations of your employees in terms of behavior in the workplace.

Performance management

Explain how employee performance is evaluated and rewarded.


Outline your recruitment and onboarding policies and procedures.


Explain when your employees are allowed to be away from work and why.

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About this template


Setting out clear ground rules for your employees is important to protect your rights as the employer and ensure your team stays on the same page. The exact list of policies you need to include in your employee handbook differs depending on the industry and country. However, there are several key policies that most companies deem necessary.

Use this simple HR manual template and adapt it to your organization's needs.

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