Buyer Persona

Craft detailed buyer personas for your business.


Buyer Persona


Background: Founder John


  • Age: 35

  • Location: Seattle, Washington

  • Education level: College graduate

  • Marital status: Married


  • Role: Founder/CEO

  • Professional background: Software developer

  • Industry: Enterprise software

  • Annual income: $100,000

Goals & values

John wants to:

  • Scale his digital business in a sustainable way.

  • Increase his online presence and brand awareness.

  • Experiment with new marketing channels and campaigns to acquire more leads.

  • Keep his business and team lean.

John is committed to:

  • Providing real value to his clients and customers.

  • Taking risks and embracing new creative solutions and technology to grow his business.

  • Promoting his business using "white hat" marketing principles.

Challenges & pain points


  • Lack of marketing knowledge.

  • Lack of time to find, train, and retain marketing talent.

Pain points

  • Fear of losing business to competitors with a more aggressive marketing strategy.

  • Fear of having to grow his team too fast.

Sources of information

  • Magazines: Fast Company, TechCrunch, Mashable

  • Blogs: Signal v. Noise, Coding Horror

  • Communities: Product Hunt, HackerNews

  • Conferences: The Startup Conference, The Founder Summit

  • Social media: Twitter, LinkedIn

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About this template


Understanding your customers is an obvious cornerstone of business. It's not enough to know what problems your product solves for your clients – drilling down and focusing on their backgrounds, goals, lifestyles, and personalities is just as important if you want to target them effectively and meet their expectations.

This is where buyer personas come in. They are fictional characters you create to represent real market segments of your current and potential customer base. Buyer personas consolidate all the valuable insights into your customers and can help you dramatically improve your marketing strategies and create better content.

We have put together this buyer persona template to help you get started.

How to create a great buyer persona

It is recommended that you make three to five buyer personas to accurately represent your target audience. It will cover the majority of your customers but at the same time be specific enough for you to be able to approach them in a targeted way.

Start by collecting the necessary information:

Personas can, of course, vary from business to business and from industry to industry. Get started by using this template and customizing it to fit your buyer personas.

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