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It has many names – company wiki, knowledge base, intranet, resource center. But no matter what you call it, every company needs a place to collaborate, create content, and document important information.

The first-ever wiki was created by Ward Cunningham in 1995, with the goal of helping software developers record and share chunks of code. Since then wikis have proliferated and today, most companies have their own internal wikis.

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How to create a great company wiki

With Nuclino, you can create your company wiki in a matter of minutes. Simply use this template and adapt the content to match your needs.

Bring your wiki pages to life with images, videos, files, tasks, embeds, code blocks, and more. Every content block can be edited in real time, making it really easy for your team to keep the wiki updated and contribute resources. The pages can be easily linked together, keeping all content well-organized and easy to navigate.

If you need to bring a team member's attention to an important update or ask for feedback, simply @-mention them to send them an instant notification.

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