Looking for a company wiki?

You’ve come to the right place. Nuclino is a modern company wiki that brings all your company knowledge, docs, and notes together in one place.

What is a company wiki?

This question is best answered by looking at the way people exchange knowledge in companies. Many teams use email, chat, calls, and network drives to distribute and exchange knowledge. This results in a chaos of files, folders, and difficult to find documents.

A company wiki (also called a corporate wiki or an enterprise wiki) solves this problem by bringing all of a company's knowledge into a single place – an internal knowledge base that everyone can access and contribute to.

Linking information

An integral part of organizing knowledge is the structure we use to store and access it. Using a system like files and folders makes it difficult to find the relevant information in teams of any size, but especially large ones. A company wiki solves this with the power of the web, which is built on the idea of using internal links to connect all knowledge. A good example is Wikipedia, which organizes all knowledge using page links.

Company wiki internal links

Structuring content

In addition to providing internal links, Nuclino goes a step further and offers the option to use hierarchical tags (called clusters in Nuclino), which allow you to put the same page in multiple destinations.

Gone are the days of arguments revolving around “Why and where has the spec sheet been moved?”. Team members have different preferences and might want to store documents in different locations. This often leads to redundant copies and outdated versions of the same document. Nuclino solves this problem once and for all using hierarchical tags.

Company wiki visual structure knowledge graph

Keeping knowledge up-to-date

Nuclino gets out of your way by providing a lightweight user experience that allows everyone to get up to speed on their first day of using it. This is an important part of a company wiki as it will have a major influence on whether the information will be kept up-to-date or not.

Traditional wikis and intranet portals are bloated and difficult to use, which is often one of the root causes of a “dead wiki”. This is not a concern in Nuclino.

Company wiki content editor

Open wiki vs. company wiki

In comparison to an open wiki like Wikipedia, where anyone around the world can access and contribute content, a company wiki is a private wiki that is usually closed and only accessible to employees. Access rights can get complex and hard to understand depending on the system that is used.

Nuclino offers a very straightforward way to manage access rights, which builds on the idea of teams and workspaces. A team represents the whole company and contains workspaces, which are used to organize content and access rights around topics or departments. Team administrators can decide who can read and edit documents of different workspaces.

Company wiki access rights

Features at a glance

Instant search

Find anything with a fast and relevant search. Search by title or content.

Version history

Restore previous versions of content to undo unwanted or accidental changes.

Access rights

Control who can read, edit, and more with simple roles and access settings.

Internal Links

Type @ inside the editor to link all your team’s knowledge together.


Export your data anytime in various formats like Markdown, PDF, and Word.


Format content quickly with your keyboard via Markdown commands.

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