Nuclino for knowledge sharing

Bring all your company knowledge together in one place and give your team a single source of truth.

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A delightfully simple wiki your team will love

Nuclino works out of the box – no needless complexity to get in the way.


Nuclino is very different from traditional wiki hosting services. The interface is much more modern, intuitive, and real-time.

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Christopher Wilson

Technology Researcher at NASA

Document everything with ease

Designed to be intuitive in every way, Nuclino enables anyone to effortlessly contribute, tech-savvy or not.

Easy editor

Markdown commands

Media embeds

Version history

Keep things neatly organized

Easily structure and categorize all your information. Create a space for every team and topic. Your wiki will stay tidy and accessible, even as your company grows.

Public & private workspaces

Collections & sub-collections

Internal links

Custom fields

Effortlessly manage access

Control who can read and update the content with straightforward user roles and access settings.

Admin controls

Read-only & comment-only roles

Guest access

Team insights

Connect your favorite tools

No need to switch between apps to find the information you need.

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Keep your company knowledge safe

All the security and auditing features you need to protect your data.


Give your employees secure access to Nuclino using SAML-based SSO.


Add an extra layer of security to your account by configuring 2FA.

Security controls

Restrict specific capabilities like public sharing and export.

Access rights

Control who can read, edit, and more with roles and settings.

Audit log

Get more control and insights into important team events.


Export all your data any time you want in various formats.

Templates for every team

Streamline knowledge sharing, company-wide.


One place for all your work

Bring all your knowledge, docs, and projects together in Nuclino.

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