Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes

Date: 3 Apr 2023
Participants: @Luke, @Leia, @Han



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Q1 review


Q2 strategy & planning


iOS app mockups



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Notes & decisions

  • We hit all of our targets for Q1! Great job, everyone! @Leia is planning an awesome office party to celebrate. Stay tuned, more details will follow soon!

  • Let's set more challenging OKRs for Q2. We have identified further Growth Opportunities and will be putting together a new comprehensive growth plan in the coming weeks. Please share your ideas and feedback here: Q2 Growth Plan.

  • @Luke has finalized the mobile app mockups for iOS. We agreed to go forward with his concept (see below), more details here: iOS App Design Document.

Next steps

  • Plan and announce the office party: @Leia 5 Apr 2023

  • Collect feedback and finalize the Q2 Growth Plan 10 Apr 2023

  • Move forward with the iOS app implementation and build a prototype together with Engineering. Implement a prototype by November: @Luke

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About this template


We've all been there – missing an important meeting and then struggling to get back in the loop with nothing but slides to fall back on. Or leaving a meeting without a clear idea of what the next steps are.

Don't let your next meeting be a waste of time.
The value of meeting minutes is twofold – they are a tangible record of the meeting for its participants, and a source of information for members who were unable to attend. Effective meeting notes should fulfill both of these goals successfully.

We've put together a meeting minutes template that includes all you need for a structured and productive meeting, including a list of attendees, a clearly outlined agenda, a space for notes and discussions, as well as a list of next steps and action items. For your next meeting, use this simple meeting notes template and adapt it for your team's needs.

How to take meeting minutes

Whether you are conducting your meeting in a conference room with your team, or remotely over Skype, this free meeting minutes template can help you keep everyone on the same page.

To help you get started, here are some tips and ideas:

To get started, simply import this meeting minutes template into Nuclino and modify it to fit your needs and preferences.

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