Design Brief

Keep your design project on track with a clear design brief.


Design Brief

About the client/company

Capture key points about what the company does, how big they are, and what their key products or services are.

Project goals & objectives

Outline the overarching purpose of your project, as well as the granular methods you plan to use to achieve that purpose.

Target market/audience

Describe the customer, including their demographics such as age and gender, as well as psychographics like media consumption habits.


Allocate budget across all relevant disciplines: research, design, copywriting, development, coordination, testing, and review.


Highlight the final deadline, as well as the important progress milestones.

Key project deliverables

Specify what deliverables are expected at the end of the project, and in what format.

Nuclino Tip

You can easily embed designs directly into Nuclino. Here's an example – use Figma to create and embed your own designs.

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About this template


A design brief is a vital communication tool for your design project. It defines what you, as a designer, need to do, and within what constraints and keeps all stakeholders aligned on project deliverables, budget, and schedule.

For your next design project, use this simple design brief template and adapt it to your team's needs.

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