Product Requirements Document

Define the purpose, value, and functionality of your product.


Product Requirements Document


Background and strategic fit

Provide a short summary of why this initiative is worth investing resources into and explain how it fits into the overall product strategy.

Customer research

Success criteria

Once this project is complete, [User Type 1] will be able to do [Desired Behavior A], which we expect to lead to [Outcome Z].


User stories and requirements

User story



Future enhancements

  • ...

  • ...

  • ...

Out of scope

  • ...

  • ...

  • ...


Nuclino Tip

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Follow-up tasks

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About this template


A product requirements document (PRD) is a living document that should help any designer, developer, or stakeholder understand the status and purpose of the product. A PRD needs to define product purpose, describe its features, set release criteria, and sketch out a rough timeline.

We have put together a simple and clear PRD template – copy it and use it to gather requirements and get input from your team.

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