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Organize all HR docs, manage your hiring process, and onboard new employees – all in one place.

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Your central hub for people management

Never get lost in the chaos of files, folders, and emails again.


We're growing fast – jumping from a team of 30 to now 130. This could have turned into a nightmare without the proper onboarding and training tools. Nuclino has become the de facto tool here, and people routinely use it as a synonym for a clear document – “Can you create a Nuclino on this?”

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Octave Auger

VP Marketing at Paddle

Organize all your HR docs

HR policies, processes, guides, and meeting notes – keep everything neatly documented in Nuclino, your HR team's single source of truth.

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Public & private workspaces

Collections & sub-collections

Quick search

Publish job descriptions

Collaborate to create appealing job listings and share them with your potential candidates.

Real-time collaboration


Version history

Public sharing

Plan your recruitment pipeline

Keep track of the applicants, plan interviews, and document your decisions, all in one place.

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Custom fields

Onboard new team members

Streamline your onboarding process and quickly get new members up to speed with checklists and guides.


Due dates


Internal links

Create an employee database

Keep track of your employees' job titles, birthdays, vacation plans, time zones, and more.

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Sorting options

Leave the busywork to Sidekick, your AI-powered teammate

Instantly generate job descriptions, HR policy drafts, emails, team-building event ideas, and more.

Connect your favorite tools

No need to switch between apps – bring all your work together.

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Get started with a template

Skip the setup and jump right in.


Built for every type of team and workflow

Use Nuclino to power your entire company.

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