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Software documentation tool

One of the least popular parts of writing software is documenting it. A common misconception about agile documentation is that writing docs is not only tedious, it's also unnecessary.

It's true that overly comprehensive documentation would likely be a waste of your time. And developers rarely trust detailed documentation anyway because it's usually out of sync with the actual code. On the other hand, experience shows that incomplete documentation is always a source of problems with communication, learning, and knowledge sharing.

The best docs are clear and concise. Choosing the right software documentation tool is the first step towards writing them the right way.

What is software documentation?

Software documentation is the documents and materials that accompany a piece of software. These may include product requirements, software design documents, technical specifications, API docs, and so on.

Software documentation exists in order to:

Software documentation tools

The best documentation is clear, concise, and informative. In order to write good software documentation, choosing the right software documentation tool is paramount.

Internal software documentation

Software documentation example product requirements document in Nuclino

Nuclino is an internal software documentation tool that allows you to organize all your docs in a collaborative wiki and privately share them within your team. Its focus on essential features and clean, intuitive interface make it a great solution for both, technical and non-technical stakeholders:

Internal links in Nuclino

Create an account and start writing, organizing, and sharing internal software documentation, giving your team a single source of truth.

External software documentation

Some content – such as APIs and end-user documentation – is designed to be primarily consumed by external stakeholders. The documentation tool you choose needs to accommodate that.

There are several user-friendly options to choose from, including GitBook, Read The Docs, Swagger, and so on. The optimal choice depends on the unique requirements of your product and your intended audience.

Software documentation best practices

The more user-friendly and frictionless your software documentation tool is, the more likely are the stakeholders to use it. However, choosing the right tool is only the first step. If your team is practicing Agile, your internal documentation needs to be “living” and needs to be collaboratively maintained by the whole team. A few simple rules can help you make the most of your time and effort:

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