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How companies use Nuclino

As your company grows, it accumulates tremendous amounts of knowledge. Encouraging your employees to talk to each other and share knowledge directly is great, but may also result in confusion, miscommunication, and people being left out. This inevitably leads to knowledge silos and time wasted on redundant meetings and repetitive emails.

Nuclino helps your company centralize all of its knowledge in a way that's organized, accessible, and easily updated. Create virtual workspaces where everyone can create, share, and discuss work together. When everything is in one place, no one has to waste time looking for information so your team can focus on what it does best.

Top use cases

Centralize knowledge

Centralize company-wide knowledge like onboarding guides.

Team & company knowledge

Access and use team-wide and company-wide knowledge in one place.

Cross-team sharing

Share knowledge across multiple teams in the same company.

Feature highlights


Use workspaces as a scalable and flexible way to organize knowledge.

Access rights

Use roles and permissions to control who can read, write, and more.


Use advanced features like single sign-on (SSO) for more security.

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