Nuclino for management teams

Achieve your goals with Nuclino as an easy knowledge base to capture meeting notes, plan goals, and more.

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How management teams use Nuclino

Great managers inspire and drive their teams towards a goal. An efficient leader needs to be able to communicate the company vision to the team in a clear and transparent way, and collaboratively design a strategy to execute it while taking into account the team's feedback. Traditional approach to management involves countless meetings, email strings, information silos, and one-sided communication – your team deserves better.

Whether it's documenting and following-up on meetings, communicating goals and strategies, or creating and sharing visual roadmaps, Nuclino helps your team stay connected, aligned, and collaborative, making it easy for all employees to engage.

Top use cases

Meeting notes

Capture meeting notes collaboratively and refer back to them later.

Goals & plans

Plan goals, strategies, and more in one place accessible by your whole team.


Create product and company roadmaps in an easy and visual way.

Feature highlights

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate with your team in real-time on any management-related content.


Use comments to give and receive feedback on plans and goals.

Board view

The board view provides an easy and visual way to track roadmaps and more.

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