Nuclino for support teams

Create a support knowledge base, share canned responses, and more.

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How support teams use Nuclino

The support team is the face and voice of your company. In order to deliver the best customer experience possible, a streamlined knowledge management system is indispensable. Whether it is finding the information necessary to respond to customers' queries or documenting their feedback, the process needs to be as fast and effortless as possible.

From handling customers' questions to documenting bug reports and feature requests, Nuclino will keep your support team on the same page.

Top use cases

Support knowledge base

Help your support team give better and faster responses.

Canned responses

Create and share canned responses to speed up handling of requests.

Track feature requests

Track feature requests from your customers in a visual way.

Feature highlights

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate with your team in real-time on any support-related content.


Add comments to content like canned responses to continuously improve them.

Full-text search

Find relevant knowledge base articles and canned responses instantly.

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