Looking for a document collaboration tool?

You've come to the right place. See why Nuclino is the easiest way to keep your team docs organized.

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A unified space for your docs and projects

Nuclino empowers your team with a collective brain, bringing all your work together in one place.

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Collaborate without friction

Work on documents together in real time without version conflicts or having to hit "Save". The intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes it delightfully easy.

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Exchange feedback with ease

Communicate directly in Nuclino and preserve the context of every decision. @-mention relevant docs and people and get notified about new comments.

Having tried Google Docs and a few other tools, we wanted something simple and fast and easy to navigate. When we eventually tried Nuclino, we felt that the search was over.

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Ricky Helgesson

Founder & CEO at Univrses

Keep your docs organized

No more getting lost in a maze of Google Drive folders. Organize your docs using internal links and fields, structure them visually, and navigate them with ease.

Nuclino project management

Bring all your work together

Nuclino is more than a document collaboration tool – it's a unified space for all your knowledge, docs, and projects, so you can collaborate without silos.

Connect your favorite apps

Integrate and extend Nuclino with a growing list of 40+ apps.

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Keep your content safe and secure


Give your employees secure access to Nuclino using SAML-based SSO.


Add an extra layer of security to your account by configuring 2FA.

Access rights

Control who has access to your content using roles and settings.

Version history

Easily undo unwanted or accidental changes by restoring versions.


Export content in various formats like Markdown, PDF, and Word.

Encryption at rest

Your data is encrypted at rest using industry standard AES encryption.

Trusted by 12,000+ teams

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