The simple and fast team knowledge base

Organize all your company knowledge in one place and give your team a single source of truth.

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Build a modern internal knowledge base – and more

Nuclino empowers your team with a collective brain, bringing all your knowledge, docs, and projects together.

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Share knowledge with ease

Complex knowledge base software often goes unused. Nuclino is simple and intuitive, so your entire team can easily create, organize, and collaborate on content.

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Find anything instantly

No more digging through folders, emails, and chat messages. Organize all your knowledge in one place and empower your team to quickly find answers.

Nuclino is extremely easy to use. The interface is self-explanatory, with a clean and modern front end. It's helped us to create a perfect knowledge base for our business.

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Joshua Cookson

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Build your knowledge graph

Explore your base visually instead of drowning in text. In Nuclino, your interconnected docs form a graph, giving you an easy overview of all your knowledge.

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Nuclino project management

Bring all your work together

Nuclino is more than a knowledge base – it's a unified space for all your knowledge, docs, and projects, so you can collaborate without silos or context switching.

Connect your favorite apps

Integrate and extend Nuclino with a growing list of 40+ apps.

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Keep your content safe and secure


Give your employees secure access to Nuclino using SAML-based SSO.


Add an extra layer of security to your account by configuring 2FA.

Access rights

Control who has access to your content using roles and settings.

Version history

Easily undo unwanted or accidental changes by restoring versions.


Export content in various formats like Markdown, PDF, and Word.

Encryption at rest

Your data is encrypted at rest using industry standard AES encryption.

Trusted by 12,000+ teams

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