Collaborative document sharing made easy

Share and organize all of your team's docs and notes in one place.

Our daily work revolves around all kinds of documents – meeting minutes, product specifications, style guides, sprint retrospectives, project plans, and so on. As more and more companies embrace remote work, document sharing becomes one of the main means of communication.

Quite often, teams don't have a structured approach to it: important documents get scattered across inboxes, chats, and shared drives and no one knows which version is the latest one. But it doesn't have to be like this.

Organize all your docs in one place

No more hunting through folders to find the Google Doc you need. Nuclino is a Google Docs alternative that keeps all of your team's documents organized in one accessible and easy-to-navigate place. Use workspaces to group your documents by team, topic, or project and easily link related documents together using internal links. The search feature helps you instantly locate the documents you need.

Organized document sharing

Easily manage access

Who should have access to which documents? Which team members should be able to edit your documents, and who should only be able to read or comment?

Nuclino offers you granular control over access rights while keeping them easy to manage – simply assign the appropriate user roles to your team members.

Document access rights management

Collaborate in real time

Being able to easily share a document is important, but that's not all. In many cases, you may need feedback from your colleagues. Rather than sending files back and forth, collaborate directly in the document.

In Nuclino you can edit the document collaboratively in real time, leave comments, mention your team members, and more. Every change is saved automatically and preserved in the version history, so everyone will always have the latest version of the shared document.

Document collaboration

Embed content from 15+ apps

Bring your shared documents to life with images, videos, and code blocks, and embed interactive content from 15+ different apps, including diagrams, spreadsheets, slides, design mockups, and more.

Document embeds and integrations

Features at a glance

Instant search

Find anything with a fast and relevant search. Search by title or content.

Version history

Restore previous versions of content to undo unwanted or accidental changes.

Access rights

Control who can read, edit, and more with simple roles and access settings.

Internal Links

Type @ inside the editor to link all your team’s knowledge together.


Export your data anytime in various formats like Markdown, PDF, and Word.


Format content quickly with your keyboard via Markdown commands.

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