Nuclino vs. Notion

Learn more about how Nuclino compares to Notion and choose the best tool for your team.

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Nuclino or Notion — which tool is right for you?

Notion is endlessly customizable — but the more options you have, the longer it takes to set everything up. Instead of focusing on meaningful work, you end up fiddling with settings.

We built Nuclino for those who don't want to overcomplicate their workflows.
A simple and fast solution that has everything you need and nothing you don't.

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Side-by-side comparison

See how Nuclino stacks up to Notion.

Works out of the boxInitial setup involves significant configuration
Optimized for productive and collaborative work in teamsPrimarily a personal productivity tool for the tech-savvy crowd
Clean interface with no clutter or distractionsDense layout with countless menus, options, and features
Intuitive and easy-to-use for the entire teamPowerful but complex, users may require training
Built for speed from the ground upLoad times can feel sluggish

Needless complexity slows you down

Getting to know the intricacies of Notion is a full-time job. I wanted to share notes with my team, not pick header images, emojis, and layouts from seemingly infinite options!

— Capterra review

Impressed by the functionality and possibilities of Notion, overwhelmed by the steep learning curve. So. Very. Complex. I'm a developer and I constantly felt overwhelmed.

— Capterra review

At times, when more than one team member is on the same page in Notion, it tends to slow the performance of the browser quite a bit.

— Capterra review

A simpler way to collaborate

For teams who don't want to spend their time tinkering with settings or staring at loading screens.

Focus on your work, not the tool

Nuclino has everything you need to get things done, with nothing to distract you from what really matters. The interface is clean, the formatting and layout options are simple and functional.

Clean interface
Ease of use

Be productive from day one

Nuclino is optimized to be intuitive in every way, with no complex and rarely-needed settings or features. Your team, including the non-techies, will get the hang of it right away, no training required.

No more slow-loading pages

Your team's time is too valuable to be spent waiting. Every interaction in Nuclino, from search to editing, is optimized for speed — no loading screens or spinners.

Connect your favorite apps

Integrate Nuclino with Slack, Figma, and 40+ other tools.

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