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One of the least popular parts of writing software is documenting it. Many find excuses to put it off or skip it altogether, citing a common misconception about agile documentation, according to which writing docs is not only tedious, it's also unnecessary.

While it's true that in Agile, greater importance is given to working software, it doesn't mean that we can forget about documentation. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow, developers rank poor documentation second in the category of "Challenges at Work".

So how should documentation be written to make it worth your while? Choosing the right technical documentation tool is the first step.

What is technical documentation?

Technical documentation is any document that explains the use, functionality, or architecture of a software product. Usually, the intended audience for technical documentation is other developers and administrators.

For example, when new developers join a project, technical documentation is there to:

And for administrators who need to maintain the product, technical docs show them:

Lack of such documentation results in many lost people hours. New developers take longer to get up to speed while existing team members struggle to get their work done productively. "No one reads the docs" is a myth that results in significant productivity loss for many engineering teams.

Choosing the right technical documentation tool

One of the main reasons why some think technical documentation is useless is because it's so rarely well-maintained. It is written once for a particular software version and then never updated as the software changes, thus quickly becoming obsolete.

While lack of discipline is partly to blame for this, when your technical documentation tool makes your team waste hours struggling with formatting issues, confusing layout, and cluttered UI, it's hardly surprising that maintaining the docs won't be anyone's top priority.

Technical documentation in Nuclino

Nuclino is a technical documentation tool that eliminates most of the friction from the writing process.

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Technical documentation best practices

The more user-friendly and frictionless your documentation tool is, the more likely are the stakeholders to use it. However, choosing the right tool is only the first step. If your team is practicing Agile, your technical documentation needs to be “living” and needs to be collaboratively maintained by the whole team. A few simple rules can help you make the most of your time and effort:

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