Want to create an internal knowledge base?

You’ve come to the right place. Nuclino is a modern knowledge base software and your team's long-term memory.

Internal knowledge base software

What is internal knowledge base software?

As your company grows, it accumulates a wealth of knowledge, information, and procedures that employees need to know and follow. Internal knowledge base software offers a great way for companies to provide employees with important, easy-to-find information about any topic and ensures that your team knows immediately where to go if anyone has a question. Moreover, it simplifies and speeds up the onboarding process of new employees, saving time and money spent on their training.

An internal knowledge base can include FAQs, troubleshooting guides, HR policies, and much more. It's a smart way to consolidate all of your team's knowledge in one place and get everyone on the same page, reducing the time wasted on searching for information, emails, meetings, and phone calls.

Build a knowledge graph

Your internal knowledge base should be more than just pages and pages of text. It's your team's long-term memory and single source of truth, so it needs to be organized in an intuitive way that is easy to navigate.

In Nuclino, the interconnected documents you create automatically form an interactive mind map, giving you an easy overview of all your team's knowledge. Watch it grow as you add more content to your knowledge base.

Knowledge graph for internal knowledge base

Set up your knowledge base in seconds

Introducing a new tool in your company can be tough. It's even tougher since most internal knowledge base software is so complex that your team would need a manual to properly configure it.

Nuclino can be set up in seconds even by non-technical users. The interface is simple and intuitive so your entire team would be able to use it from day one, no training needed. With Nuclino, it just works™.

Internal knowledge base software with easy setup

Find answers instantly

Knowledge workers spend a lot of time searching for information – 19% of the average workweek, according to a study by McKinsey&Company. Don't let your team waste their time instead of focusing on what really matters.

In Nuclino, all information is only a click away, and every interaction is optimized to be as fast as possible. Contributing and editing content is just as easy with simple Markdown commands and an intuitive WYSIWYG editor.

Knowledge base software with fast search

Contribute effortlessly

The biggest problem with most internal knowledge bases is out-of-date content. It's hard to get people to contribute and update the information when the tool is over-engineered and cluttered.

Nuclino's focus on essential features, clean layout, and easy-to-use interfaces makes it a simple knowledge base software your team will actually want to use.

Simple easy internal knowledge base software

Features at a glance

Instant search

Find anything with a fast and relevant search. Search by title or content.

Version history

Restore previous versions of content to undo unwanted or accidental changes.

Access rights

Control who can read, edit, and more with simple roles and access settings.

Internal Links

Type @ inside the editor to link all your team’s knowledge together.


Export your data anytime in various formats like Markdown, PDF, and Word.


Format content quickly with your keyboard via Markdown commands.

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